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Traditional Chinese Herbology


Chinese herbology is an integral component of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The proper prescription can enhance and extend the effects or even be used in place of an acupuncture session. Available as an effective conjunction with your acupuncture session or as a separate consultation. Our certified and experienced Chinese herbologists will carefully select and customize your herbal supplements to help correct imbalances within the body.


Herbs are a natural and effective way to improve many health conditions and have little to no side effects. Herbal formulas can be taken in many different forms including: pills, powders, teas, decoctions, tinctures, external liniments and plasters. At Living Stream Wellness, we make intake herbal supplements easy and convenient with modern herbal granule tableting and packing service. 


We use only high quality, FDA cGMP compliant pharmaceutical grade herbal supplements which manufacturer is certified by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO). 









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